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Customer Testimonials

"I am a physician.  When I was in active practice I was making an excellent income.  I never had to worry about the cost of my medications.  Once I retired my income dropped and I also had to buy all of my ever increasing list of medications.  As the cost of medications was a substantial part of my family’s budget, I started searching for Online certified pharmacies that have lower prices. After investigating numerous pharmacies in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe: Universal Drug Store (UDS) emerged as the undisputed champion.  When I started dealing with UDS I found that ordering medication was simple and it is easy to get real people to answer your questions and they are knowledgeable and courteous.  The medications I receive from UDS are in exactly the same factory packages as what I used to buy at my local pharmacy."

Adel F. Matar MD

"My name is Samuel and I am almost three years old but developmentally am only about three months old.  My mommy is writing this for me, so I can let you know a little about my story.  I have had uncontrollable seizures since I was thirteen weeks old.  The seizures make me have stomach problems and what's called cortical visual impairment.  I have been on a lot of different medicines, diets, and supplements to try and control the seizures, but none have really worked well.  On a good day I would have only 6 or 7 seizures and on a bad day, well, my mommy would just stop counting.  My doctor wanted me to try a medicine that we could not get here but told us we could get it out of Canada.  He gave my mommy several pharmacy names.  Mommy called Universal Drugstore.  She said that it was easier to work over the phone with them than some of our local pharmacies.  Now, she just calls them and refills my medicine, Sabril, and we get it in only a few days.  And, since I have been on this new medicine, I have only had FIVE seizures...and I have been on the Sabril for a few months now.  Thanks!!"

The Sims Family

"I heard about UDS in 2002 from my doctor. It has been a blessing for me, saving me hundreds of dollars while providing me with the same meds as in my local pharmacy. My meds have always been delivered in a timely fashion. The trained customer service reps have always been there to answer any questions I have."

Carol Lewis

"About three years ago, my primary doctor started me on Combivent inhaler for chronic bronchitis and suggested I contact Universal Drugstore. He gave me the UDS toll free number to call. I found the people at UDS very courteous and helpful. I ordered at that time and am still receiving my medication from UDS.  In December 2005 my order was shipped from a partner pharmacy and there was a problem.  My package had broken open and one of my inhalers was missing.  I called your store and without hesitation, the lady I talked to there was very helpful, she took over my problem.  After a few days she called me and said my order would be settled,  they would ship my one missing Combivent or would send an extra one with my next order.  I told her to just include it on my next order.  Last Saturday, my next order arrived only a week after I placed the order, and the extra inhaler was included. I can't say enough about the extra fine service I have had with UDS and I have recommended UDS to several people."

Leona I. Muller

"A few years ago, my Opthomologist gave me literature from Universal Drugstore because he was aware of my financial situation and wanted to inform me of a feasible way to save money on my prescriptions. This remains an important factor, since I am a widow living on a fixed income.  I compared prices with my local pharmacy vs. Universal Drugstore's and the difference was considerable.  Shortly after that time, I ordered several prescriptions from Universal.  My savings exceeded $100.00 (including shipping charges) for the exact brands I had been ordering locally, must to my surprise.  The staff members I have been contacting are extremely courteous, helpful and very professional. I have complete faith and trust in Universal and continue to have complete confidence in them as well.  I am very impressed with their reliability in all aspects of my dealings with them, and have and will continue to suggest to my friends and associates that they consider ordering from Universal. I know without a doubt that my personal information will be kept confidential at all times.  All my good wishes to you, and ALL CANADIANS ARE GREAT PEOPLE!!!"

Ethel C. Spatz

"I am an old dog who was adopted 10 years ago from the animal shelter.  I have some big-time people health problems, the worst of which is cushings disease.  The medication that allows me to maintain a wonderful quality of life with my loving owners is available at the most affordable price from Univeral Drugstore.  I don't know what we would do without you.  Thank you!"

Sammy Manderick (dog)

"After finding this site my days of searching for an inexpensive pharmacy are over. The ease of use, prices and shipping are second to none. From the time I faxed my Rx to the time I received my package was less than a week! And I saved money to boot!"

Bryan L.

"My son is 16 months, and last year was in the hospital for 4 days with phemonia and rsv. Four months later he was diagnosed with asthma. His pediatrician put him on Pulmicort, a daily inhaled corticosteroid. Although we have insurance, there is (now for 2009) a $3000 deductible we must meet before our prescriptions are paid for. Last year we were paying $180.00 a month for the Pulmicort (that is with a $20 discount from our insurance) We could not afford that this year so I started researching alternative ways to purchase Pulmicort on the internet. After many hours of research, I am so grateful I found Universal Drugstore. I can purchase my son's Pulmicort now for $40 a month instead of $180. I spoke with a pharmacist and the customer service is excellent. I am so pleased I have told all my friends and family. I even took the box of Pulmicort into my Pediatrician's office. He could not believe the price difference for the exact same medicine from the exact same manufacturer. He took down the information so he could share it with other patients. Thank you Universal Drugstore!"

Katina S.

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