Norton Shopping Guarantee


Start earning rewards today, and your next prescription could be FREE!

You can earn valuable Universal Reward credits simply by sharing with others the news of incredibly affordable prescription drugs that Universal Drugstore offers.

Every time you refer a new customer to us, you will earn a $20.00 credit towards your next order.  Not only will you save $20, the person that you are referring will save $20 on their first order over $100. That’s an incredible $20 for you and $20 for the person you refer!

There is no limit to how many Universal Reward credits you can collect.  Many of our customers have reduced their medication costs just by referring other people.  Universal Reward credits are redeemable in increments of $20.00.  You can redeem all of your rewards at one time, or save them up for future orders.

How To Get Rewards

For you to be eligible to earn a Rewards credit with Universal Rewards, the customer you refer (the Prospect) must (i) have been referred by you to Universal Drugstore, (ii) be a first time customer of Universal Drugstore (iii) order $100 or more worth of medications.  A Prospect that satisfies all of the above criteria shall be deemed to be a “Qualified Referral” and you will be eligible to receive a $20.00 credit towards future purchases (“Reward”).

Prospects must voluntarily elect to participate in the Universal Rewards program and to order medications from Universal Drugstore.

If a customer is referred to Universal Drugstore from more than one source, Universal Drugstore in its sole discretion will determine the chronologically oldest dated referral in its possession and that referring party shall be entitled to receive the Reward credit.

Awarded credits will be reversed if a Prospect cancels or returns an order (or a portion of their order) for unsatisfactory reasons, thus reversing their position as a “Qualified Referral”.

Using Your Rewards

Rewards credit is redeemable at Universal Drugstore for prescription drug purchases only.

Universal Drugstore must be notified at the time of placing your order that you wish to redeem part or all of your credit on that order.

Credit is redeemable in full $20.00 increments only.

Rewards credit may not be redeemed for cash.

Program Disclaimer

Participation in the Universal Rewards program is subject to any terms and conditions, rules, regulations, policies and procedures that Universal Drugstore may, at its discretion, modify or adopt from time-to-time.

Universal Drugstore reserves the right to terminate the Universal Rewards program or change the program rules, benefits, conditions of participation, in whole or in part, at any time, with or without notice. In the event of termination, you will be entitled to receive any and all Rewards accrued prior to the termination date.

Failure to follow the Universal Rewards program rules or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Universal Drugstore may result in the cancellation of the number of Qualified Referrals or Rewards.