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What is a generic medication?

Generic medications are significantly discounted copies of brand name medication that have the same active ingredients, intended use, dosage, side effects, effects, and route of administration as the original brand name medication. In other words, generic medications have the same pharmacological effects as their brand-name counterparts. Over half of all prescribed medications are for generic medications.

Zolmitriptan 2.5mg coupon from
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Zomig Helps Treat the Following Conditions:


Migraines are common headache disorders, which mostly affect women. Nearly 75% of migraine patients are female. The condition manifests in episodes of severe, throbbing headaches, which may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Some patients report warning symptoms such as flashes of light, blind spots, or tingling sensations in the face, arms, or legs.

Migraine attacks can be so severe that they can be disabling. It is not yet known what causes migraines. Some common triggers include hormonal changes, certain foods and drinks, dehydration, stress, and changes in sleep patterns.

Zomig Active Ingredient

Generic Zomig Alternative: Zomig

Zomig contains the active ingredient zolmitriptan, which belongs to a class of drugs known as triptans. The medications in this group are known to increase serotonin levels, which in turn help to constrict blood vessels in the brain.

General Drug Information

What is Zomig and What Is It Used For?

Zomig is prescribed to patients who suffer from migraines. It helps to relieve headache and other migraine symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light or sound.

Zomig does not prevent future migraine episodes, nor does it lessen the frequency with which they may occur.

However, prompt treatment at the onset of a migraine attack helps to reduce duration and severity. Patients are usually able to return to their normal routine more quickly and may not need to take other pain medications.

Usage and Application

Zomig should be taken as prescribed by a patient’s doctor, and the dosage depends on the patient’s condition, response to treatment, and other medications they may be taking. Patients should discuss the full list of prescription, as well as any over-the-counter medications and supplements they are taking with their doctor.

Patients should use Zomig as directed by their doctor, at the first sign of a migraine attack.

The medication is available as a nasal spray and in tablet form.

Patients who use Zomig tablets should take a tablet by mouth at the first sign of a migraine.

Nasal spray users are advised to spray one dose into one of the nostrils.

The nose should be cleared before administering. Patients must remove the protective cap and block one nostril by pressing firmly on either side of the nose with their thumb.

Patients should breathe in gently as they press the plunger, keeping their head tilted back slightly. They should then remove the pressure from the nose and breathe through the mouth for five to ten seconds.

It is normal to notice a slight taste after using the spray.

This medication should not be sprayed into the eyes.

Patients who do not see an improvement in symptoms should not take more doses without consulting their doctor.

Those who only experience partial pain relief, or who notice that their headache comes back, may use a second dose two hours after the first one. Patients should not use more than 10 milligrams within a 24-hour period.

Patients with a higher risk of heart problems may need to undergo heart exams before they start taking Zomig. Some patients may be asked to take their first dose in the doctor’s office or clinic, in order to monitor or manage any possible heart-related symptoms.

Patients who use migraine medication for ten or more days each month may find that the drugs worsen their headaches.

Medications should not be used more often (or for longer) than directed. Patients should tell their doctor if they need to use Zomig more often, or if the medication is not working well.

Considerations Before Taking Zomig

Before starting treatment, patients need to discuss the possibility of allergic reactions to Zomig.

It is vital to discuss the patient’s medical history, especially blood circulation problems in the legs, arms, hands, or stomach, as well as liver disease, seizure, stroke, or mini-stroke (also known as transient ischemic attack).

The treating physician should be notified if the patient suffers from hemiplegic or basilar migraines, or any heart problems like chest pain, irregular heartbeat, or previous heart attacks.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and a family history of cardiovascular disease can increase the risk of heart problems. Smokers and overweight users also face higher heart disease risk, in addition to post-menopausal women and men over 40.

Zomig can make patients dizzy or drowsy, therefore it is not advisable to drive, use machinery, or perform other tasks requiring alertness until the effects of the medication are known. Patients should limit alcohol and talk to their doctor if they are marijuana users.

When preparing for surgery or certain dental procedures, patients should inform their doctor or dentist about all medicines, supplements, and herbal products they are taking.

Older adults may be more sensitive to the side effects of Zomig, especially heart disease and high blood pressure.

Women who are pregnant – or planning on becoming pregnant – should discuss the risks and benefits with their doctor. Zomig should only be used when clearly needed during pregnancy. It is not known whether this medication passes into breast milk.

Delayed and Omitted Doses

Not applicable

Other Medications and Zomig

Drug interactions may affect the way Zomig works and can increase the risk of side effects. Before starting treatment, patients need to discuss the full list of medications and supplements they are taking with their doctor. Patients should not change their dose or stop taking this medication unless their physician advises them to do so.

Zomig may cause a serious and possibly fatal interaction when taken with MAO inhibitors. These medications include isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, safinamide, selegiline, and tranylcypromine.

Patients should not take any MAO inhibitors while also taking Zomig, nor for a period of two weeks before starting Zomig. Patients should ask their doctor when to start or stop taking Zomig.

Those who take additional drugs which increase serotonin levels have a higher risk of developing serotonin syndrome, a serious condition. Examples of such drugs include some antidepressants like fluoxetine, paroxetine, duloxetine, and venlafaxine.

Taking recreational drugs like MDMA and ecstasy – as well as the herb St. John’s wort – with Zomig also increases the risk of serotonin syndrome.

Patients who take additional migraine medications which contain ergotamine (like Migranal) need to take Zomig at different times. The same applies to those who take other triptans (e.g. Imitrex Nasal Spray or Maxalt). Patients should consult their doctor about the length they need to wait between doses of these drugs.

Patients who take the ulcers medication Tagamet will need to discuss this with their physician. Cimetidine can greatly enhance (double) the effects of Zomig.

Adverse Reactions

Most patients are able to take Zomig safely without serious side effects.

Some patients may experience dry mouth, unusual taste, discomfort in the nose, weakness, and nausea. Additional side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, and feelings of tingling or numbness. Patients should tell their doctor or pharmacist if these symptoms persist.

Zomig may raise blood pressure so patients should measure it regularly and report to their doctor in the event that it remains consistently high.

Serious side effects like blue fingers, toes, or nails – as well as cold hands and feet – should be immediately reported to the treating physician.

It is not unusual for some patients to experience pain or tightness in the chest, jaw, or neck. This is usually not a cause for concern. However, these symptoms may also signify a heart attack. Patients should seek immediate medical help in the event of additional symptoms like pain in the left arm, shortness of breath, or unusual sweating.

Patients should also seek immediate medical assistance if they experience irregular heartbeat, fainting, or bloody diarrhea. It is important to monitor for signs of stroke, which can include confusion, weakness on one side of the body, trouble speaking, and sudden vision changes.

In rare cases, Zomig may increase serotonin to dangerous levels, causing a condition known as serotonin syndrome. The risk is higher in people who already take other drugs that increase serotonin levels.

Symptoms of serotonin syndrome include fast heartbeat, loss of coordination, severe dizziness, vomiting or diarrhea. Additional symptoms that require immediate medical assistance include twitching muscles, unexplained fever, agitation, restlessness, and hallucinations.

Serious allergic reactions to Zomig are rare, yet patients should be aware of allergic symptoms such as rash, itching and swelling, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing.

How to Store Zomig

Zomig should be stored at room temperature away from light and moisture. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep away from children and pets. Each spray device contains a single dose and should be discarded after usage.

Unwanted medication should be disposed of properly and should not be poured down drains or flushed down the toilet. Patients should consult a pharmacist or their local waste disposal company to find out more about safe disposal methods.

Zomig Coupon

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